Photo by Craig Washburn

Photo by Craig Washburn

The “PaigeHarper’s Story” section tells you my background, details of where I’ve spent some time, and milestones I’ve hit… but in actual fact, tells you very little about WHO I AM.

This poem – written by my dearest of teachers, Robert Holden – does just that:

Disappearing into Love

When they ask you what is your religion, tell them that it is LOVE.

And if they ask you what is your politics, tell them that it is also LOVE.

If they ask you what that means, you can tell them your philosophy is LOVE.

If they want to know anything else about you, tell them your favorite occupation is LOVING.

And don’t forget to tell them that your nationality is LOVE.

And that even your blood group is LOVE.

Not everyone will stick around to hear what you say next, but fear not.

Family and friends may get busy so as to pretend to forget what you just said.

It’d drive them crazy now to know that their blood group is also LOVE, that their nationality is LOVE, and that the real work of their life is LOVE.

One day, they will give in, and then their philosophy will be LOVE, their politics will be LOVE, and their religion will be LOVE.

LOVE gets us all in the end.

We, all of us, disappear back into LOVE eventually.